Download The Mike’s Place Irregulars App Today And Start Saving Money

Welcome to the Mike’s Place Irregulars Network where anyone can be a VIP!!!



All you have to do is down load our app, register and start getting discounts and prizes.

The goal of the network is to provide regular customers with a easy way to stay in touch and get updates about all of the content we provide. (Live Music, Sports, Partys and Promotions)

It’s also a way for us to genuinely provide you with discounts and free stuff based only on how much you spend and how well you use the discouns we provide through the app. You don’t even have to know the bartenders name but you will still get a free beer if you finished your beer punch card or accumulated enough points.

We will send push notifications once in a while but we promise not to be annoying and to try and send you information we actually feel you would want to know about.

Join now and enjoy your registration gift today at your clossest Mike’s Place branch!